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Welcome to Cosmic Support

Welcome to the Cosmic Support website, a new company that believes in another way when it comes to Home and Small Business IT Support.

While computers have continued to evolve ever faster, the accompanying support has gone the other way. Whether your a first time user or an advanced PC owner, when your computer has a problem it can really put a halt to your productivity. Trying to resolve your issue can be extremely troublesome, most manufacturers or retailers give you one main support number that is only open 9am to 5pm, which is when most people are at work, not much help for home users. These call centre's are frequently outside of the UK and the operator's don't fill their callers with confidence with their questions as they run you through the basic procedures such as restarting your computer, wasting your valuable time and money on the phone and increasing your frustration.

Cosmic Support have decided it's time for a change, and if you're fed up with this too, it's time to get Cosmic Support looking after your IT.

Home Users

At CS, we want to be more than just a technician on the end of the phone. Depending on your knowledge we can provide occasional technical assistance, or handle all your IT requirements present and future. Tell us what you'd like to be able to do, or want from your computer and we'll present you with a list of options which we will then install and support afterwards. Don't have a computer yet and thinking of purchasing but don't know what offers are good and which are a waste of money? We're happy to offer our advice so you get the PC that fits your needs. Perhaps you've heard of ADSL, Wireless or downloading music and want to set these up but don't know where to begin or worried about the security and safety of such activities, or if you've not considered security and safety, you should. We can offer unbiased advice, recommending reliable software, hardware and companies that we use ourselves and support after installation. We want you to feel safe in the knowledge that we're looking out for you and avoiding the companies that could give you problems now or in the future.

Additionally, we also want to help you use your computer, whether your a home user or working in a small business that doesn't provide computer training, we can help over the phone using remote assistance or in-person to guide you through it quickly if you're eager to get back to work.


Here is just a brief list of some of the services we can provide to you.

Over time computers build up an amount of temporary files that aren't deleted, if these aren't safely deleted and the hard disk resorted then it can end up like a teenager's bedroom, reducing the system to a snail's pace. However, care must be taken when deleting files, and running various tools in order to increase efficency. Who will do that for you or tell you how? Your retailer? Your manufacturer? Not likely, they will only be interested if there's something seriously wrong, if at all. You clean your house regularly, you have your Car MOT'd, so you should really have your PC checked regularly.

If you have an Internet connection, is it working for you? Is it fast enough, reliable enough and flexible enough to meet your needs? Or do you have a Broadband connection, that isn't always on? Available in just the one room? Or just not fast enough to keep up with you? If so, you can call us in to look over your system top to bottom and give you advice on what can be done to improve your connection. Perhaps you still only have dial-up, considering Broadband but not sure which offer to go for. Did you know there are at least 4 speeds of Broadband? You don't want to be caught out paying for slow broadband when you could have superfast at nearly the same price. If you do have broadband, do you know if it's the fastest you could receive? Finally, have you considered security? Hackers, Virus, Spam, Spyware, there are various nasties on the internet and you need clear, simple advice with hardware and software that will protect you and your valuable data.

Considering purchasing a new PC or laptop? BE CAREFUL! There are lots of good deals out there, but there are equally as many, if not more lemons. You maybe tempted to go for a cheap PC deal, but you could soon end up regreting your decision when it slows down or is not up to the tasks you want it to perform. We can offer advice on the deals you find, or we can search for a solution for your requirements.

When you do receive your new desktop or laptop, it's left to you to set it up and transfer your data. This can be quite a daunting task. How do you get your data across without missing anything? For the average home user this usually ends up in lost or duplicated data. While alot of laptops are now coming with pre-installed software, many still do not have the basic software required to enable you to work or play efficiently without error messages or protect you from various malicious users and software. Whether you've purchased a computer from us or not, we can set it up, optimize it and load it with protecting software, so you know your computer and data are safe.

It's not just companies that have important data to protect, home users do too. Your contacts, music files, documents, letters, spreadsheets. Information that could be costly to replace. Let us look over your system and setup a backup system to meet your needs, with todays hardware and software included with medium to high range systems you could have all you need already, just need it setting up and instructed how to use.

Small Businesses

We are able to provide full IT Support to Small Businesses in and around the Gatwick area, including Horley, Redhill, Crawley and surrounding areas. This includes but not limited to helpdesk support, supplying new Servers, Workstations, and other hardware and software.

Schools, Charities and similiar organisations

We appreciate everyone requires help with computers and servers, but struggle with the budget, we aim to do our best to help you with special discounts and work out support that you can afford.


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