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Computer Hardware

Computers like most retail devices have a life, whether it's component lifespan or compatibility with newer technologies. Sooner or later it will be apparent that in order to take advantage of the new technologies such as Broadband and home networking, you will need to upgrade your PC. Similiarly, what some people don't realise is that PC's contain components that do wear out, PC's are often on for several or more hours a day, over the course of a year or two that can add up to alot of use and wear.

Now, when you do decide to upgrade and get a new computer system, it's as difficult as buying a house or car when it comes to the decision between quality and cost. There are alot of PC deals available in shops, online, adverts in the paper. However, any PC offer for £499 or £399 is usually making the saving somewhere. Lack of legacy components such as a Floppy drive that can still be useful for recovery and backup purposes, no monitor included, a basic or even no operating system which is critical. Or the manufacturer is of questionable quality, using cheap unreliable components, basic aftersales support, and budget line processors that are cheap and slow. Why upgrade to a new computer if it's just going to end up as slow as your current one sooner rather than later?

Basic Computer Package

At CS, we believe in quality and value, but most importantly quality. If you've found an offer that you think is a good deal, please send it in and we will confirm or point out the possible downsides. We want to assist our customers so they continue to use us for ALL their IT needs and refer us to their friends and family. If you only need a basic package, we have the following solution, we're proud of this package due to the quality name, the components, the expandability for future technology and the price point.

Basic Package:

  • Make: Hewlett Packard (HP)
  • Model: DX2000 Tower
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz
  • RAM Installed: 512 MB DDR SDRAM / 4 GB (max)
  • Floppy Drive: 3.5" 1.44 MB floppy
  • Hard Drive: 1 x 40 GB - standard - ATA-100 - 7200 rpm
  • Optical: CD-ROM - IDE & DVD-+RW
  • Max Resolution (external): 2048 x 1536 / 32-bit colour
  • Networking: Network adapter - integrated
  • OS Provided: Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • Monitor: HP L1702 - flat panel display - TFT - 17"
  • Colour: Silver, carbon
  • Service & Support 3 years warranty

This PC has reliable, quality components and a warranty that's actually useful. Computer specification and price may vary. Recommended extras include Norton Internet Security Suite and Microsoft Office 2003, greatly discounted when purchased with our PCs.

Custom Computer Package

Alternatively, we can discuss your requirements for a computer, narrow down the list of components you will need and search for the best deal for you. This could be a complete system, or the building of a custom unit sourcing the individual components.

Computer Setup and Configuration

Purchasing a PC can be difficult, but once you have it, setting it up can be just as hard. Do you have all the software setup and configured? Really you need someone to just do it for you, set it up, configure it to your liking, make sure all your protection software is installed and working properly. When you order a PC through us, be it our basic or custom package, or an offer you've found that we've approved, we can then setup the PC, so it's ready to use from the moment it's unpacked and put on your desk at home. We'll also guide you through it's use and any housekeeping tasks you may need to perform. As part of the setup fee we will...

Contact us now for more information or to order your new PC today.

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