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Main Services

Our Main Services are included in all or some of our subscriptions.

Included in all subscriptions

Audit of Systems and Information - We visit your house and take note of your equipment, settings, and other details so we can better assist you. At your option you can communicate to your various providers to grant us access on your behalf to services such as your Internet Provider.

Support of Equipment - Generally, the only limitation on subscriptions is the number of computers, other devices such as modems, routers, wireless access points are included unless there is more than the usal number of such devices. We can always work out a Custom subscription to meet any needs.

Discount on site visit - Becoming a subscriber entitles you to discounts on the hourly cost of a site visit, as well as waiving the Remote Diagnostic fee of remote support. Where possible we try to include small charges into your subscription and any free services we can pass on.

Email Support - When you're busy, or it's not a vital problem, just an annoyance, just email it into us. Include a screenshot as well using PRNT SCRN button on your keyboard.

Telephone Support - Our main service, when you've got a problem with your computer, you want to be able to pick up the phone and get through to a human, speaking your language, clearly and knows what they're talking about and wants to help you.

Remote Support - This is one of our flagship services, it sets us apart from other support companies, or single-person support groups. With just a few clicks, you can be chatting to an online support representative and allow them remote control of your screen, he or she can then see and control your screen to analyse and resolve your problem as quickly as possible. You don't need to to struggle to explain it over the phone or read mile long error messages over the phone. When you're done the software uninstalls itself from your PC.

Available on selected subscriptions

Webste Account - You're able to login to our website and see your history with us.

Remote Healthchecks - Depending on the subscription, these are done Semi-Anually, Monthly or Fortnightly. We connect to your PC remotely when you're not using it (normally late at night, during the day or a time of your preference) where we check the performance of your PC, run updates and scans to keep it running smoothly.

Freephone Hotline - This requires a VOIP device which we can provide or include as part of an internet setup or Internet Security check. Using an ordinary phone purchased from your local supermarket, you connect it to the internet to make phone calls over the internet, not only does this free up your phone line, but calls between this phone and our services are free once configured. You'll find you can also make savings on international calls, some even free.

Loan Desktop PC - There's nothing worse than a computer that won't switch on, whether it's a "Blue Screen" or "Non system disk", it's just not what you need when you've got work, or coursework to get done. Other companies will take it away or send you a new hard drive, but that won't help you now. Provided you have the necessary subscription, we will give you a loan PC while we repair yours so you can continue to work. We recommend combining this with our additional services such as backup, so we can restore your data as well.

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