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Internet Service Providers (ISP)

An Internet Service Provider, or ISP for short, is a company that will provide you with some form of Internet Access. There are many companies, and there are many methods of Internet Access, it's not simply just Dial up and Broadband.

Like any other product or service, you will find either by experience or seeking reviews, that there are some companies that provide better service than others to put it politely. We can help you find the right provider to meet your needs, which could include:

With our help, you can be sure you're got the connection you need and want, without useless extras, or paying top price for "slow" Broadband. Don't forget, if we're providing your support, we will check your systems and liase with your ISP*, running through the troubleshooting steps they always ask.

*This may require you to inform your ISP that we have access to your details so they may speak to us, or that you have to initiate the phone call then hand over to a Cosmic Support Engineer.

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