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Pre-Sales Advice

Welcome to our Pre-Sales Advice section, whether your looking to replace existing hardware/software or buying new/additional, we're got advice and recommendations here.

Click on the links to the left hand side for additional information on specific hardware, software and technology.

Here at Cosmic Support we're tired of poor quality products, and we bet you are too. That's why we only recommend what we feel is the best, what's more we do our best to get for you at the best possible price.

A typical example would be Broadband, you've signed up with a company, had it installed or the welcome kit arrive, been activated, plugged the modem in (of course this stage can have it's own problems), go connected and enjoyed the benefits of greater speed. Unfortunately, a month, week, day or even hour later your internet stops working. You call your provider, they tell you to unplug and replug everything in, which works. Then it happens again, you call them and they tell you to do the same thing again. You either carry on repeating resetting everything, or you could try asking them for another modem. You could be lucky and the replacement works, at least in the short term, but there's always the chance it could happen again.

This is a common scenario for a lot of people, if you've not experienced this with your broadband, you are fortunate. Think about it, you've paid for a Broadband connection, always on, but in fact it isn't. A common cause IS the modem the ISPs supply. Fear not, we recommend a particular brand of modem/router which have not ever locked up/frozen on us. They come in various configurations that include additional useful features. For more information, browse out Network Hardware page.

Ask an Expert

It's not easy looking for and purchasing computer hardware, software and related items. So much you need to take into account, Compatibility, Suitability, Reliability, Quality, Warranty, Price, etc.

Well, don't fret, we're here to help you through this technological jungle. We want to make sure you get the right product to meet your needs, not only that but also ensure it is of the highest quality, reliability and best value for money. Some companies have gone out of business for selling poor quality products, their names forever rembered by their shoddy merchandise. Unfortunately not all have gone, some still remain bizzairely, whereas other companies may have some good products but a certain range of theirs is lacking the standards of the rest of their catalog.

Don't deprive yourself of this expert advice, you'll only be hurting yourself and your family, either now or in the long run if you don't.

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