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Remote Support

Cosmic Support can remote control any person's computer in the world with their permission. This enables us to quickly diagnose and even fix most software problems efficiently. Once the session has ended, the remote software client will be uninstalled from your PC. Click here to learn more.

We recommend you contact us first by phone, you will then be directed to this page if Remote Support is required.

For none subscribers, we require a small Remote Diagnostic charge to connect up remotely, if we can fix the problem instantly, there is no further charge. If it will take longer, we charge per hour, normally anything that can be resolved remotely will not take any longer than one hour. If you are a non subscriber, please click the button below to pay before continuing. There is no Remote Diagnostic charge for subscribers; for futher information, please see our Subscriptions page.

Please complete the form below and click Submit. Select to open or run the software at any prompts, and if you have any firewall software alert popup, please choose to always allow. If you do not see a prompt, check for a yellow alert bar at the top of the page and left or right click it.

You will then see a chat window and will be entered into a queue, soon afterwards your support rep on the phone will find and connect to your session. We recommend staying on the phone for the analysis and then if any further communication is required it will be displayed onscreen, look out for it. You maybe requested to provide View or Remote control of your PC, or access us for us to view your computer's system information, don't worry this is purely technical system information and nothing personal to yourself.

Please enter your fullname:
Company(if applicable):
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Alterntively, if you have spoken to representative and they have given you a pin code, please enter it below.

Enter your 6-digit PIN code:

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